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The Summer Garden in July

I never get over the miracle of July! All the tiny seeds my brother planted in his green house during the winter are now filling his garden with vivid colour. ‘Isn’t God clever’ remarked my young niece. She is right, but not yet old enough to realise how much human hard work is involved in making a garden beautiful! My brother certainly played his part in the miracle!

If we were God’s garden, I suppose keeping our spiritual lives beautiful is also a partnership and often hard work on our part. I remember once helping my son move into a ‘student house’. It was clean enough inside, but the garden had not been touched in years. As I fought my way through the jungle of weeds I realised someone had once filled that garden with roses but bindweed had wound itself round the bushes, strangling their beauty, while giant nettles stole their light. I shuddered as I realised how easily my own little back yard, at that time, could look like that. I’d pounce on weeds as soon as they show their ugly heads because they are so easy to pull out when they’re small. Surely it’s the same with ‘spiritual weeds’? Those resentful thoughts, discontented grumbles and negative self-pity can be removed comparatively easily if we ‘yank them out’ quick! If we ignore them or even ‘water them’ with encouragement they soon ‘take over’ and start spoiling everything that is beautiful and valuable in the rest of our lives.

We thank the Lord that we don’t have to clear all these weeds from our life on our own. We may pull them out but you Christ, burn them at your cross.

Every blessing,

Rev Tanya

A little about me ….

As the minister I warmly welcome you to Saville Street Methodist Church. Please feel welcome to come and join with us – I look forward to meeting you.

A little about me…. I moved to Malton in August 2014 to start my ministry, and what a joy it is.  I have been welcomed in the community and am enjoying getting to everyone and appreciating the stunning scenery; be in coast, wold or moorland. Although I am a southerner born and brought up in Oxford, I have lived in West Yorkshire for 28 years! Before embarking on my ministry training I was a counsellor, working within schools and had my own private practice and before that a social worker. I have two (adult) children Dan, a graphic designer, who lives here in Malton and Lucy who is just about to embark on her teaching qualification in Leeds.


Rev Tanya Short