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Tanya’s November Message

As I write this letter it is only 8 weeks until Christmas!! I know, not because I have counted but because I have been told regularly by people on social media and because shops already have their Christmas displays out.

When I was living in Bradford  a friend once pointed out to me a small box above the door of one of the local shops. I had never noticed it before and apparently most people don’t notice it. They don’t notice it, not because they can’t see it, but because they can’t hear it. This small box is designed to emit an unpleasant noise at a frequency that only young people can hear. It is designed to discourage young people from hanging about around the door to the shop! Most people can’t hear it, because as they’ve grown older they’ve lost the ability to hear it, but the noise is still there.

As we travel during Advent towards Christmas we will do all the things that we do each year, and hopefully we will enjoy them, hopefully we will find it to be a peaceful happy time! But amidst all that, I wonder if we still hear the sound of Christ’s coming. That sound is already here, it infuses all the world, it echoes from eternity to eternity, it resounds even in the darkest places of our world – a sound of peace, a sound of joy, a sound of hope, a sound of love!

The sound of Christ’s coming is here, but so often we are unable to hear it, we miss it. Perhaps we miss it because we are so busy. Perhaps we miss it because we are so wrapped up with other things. Perhaps we miss it because we have simply lost the ability to hear it. At the heart of Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ, and to celebrate Christmas properly we need to hear the sound of his coming, we need to hear the great story, we need to listen and allow God to fill us with awe and wonder as the word becomes flesh! We need to stop and listen for the sound of Christ’s coming in our world and in our lives.

And we need to share that sound with those who have never heard it and maybe that is our mission for this season to reach out in whatever way we can and as Vincent Donavan in his book ‘Christianity Rediscovered’ says, ’go with them to a place neither of us has been before’ and together hear the sound of Christ moving among us.

I pray that God will continue to bless you throughout Advent and during our Christmas celebrations.

Every blessing,



A little about me ….

As the minister I warmly welcome you to Saville Street Methodist Church. Please feel welcome to come and join with us – I look forward to meeting you.

Rev. Tanya Short

A little about me…. I moved to Malton in August 2014 to start my ministry, and what a joy it is.  I have been welcomed in the community and am enjoying getting to everyone and appreciating the stunning scenery; be in coast, wold or moorland. Although I am a southerner born and brought up in Oxford, I have lived in West Yorkshire for 28 years! Before embarking on my ministry training I was a counsellor, working within schools and had my own private practice and before that a social worker. I have two (adult) children Dan, a graphic designer, who lives here in Malton and Lucy who is just about to embark on her teaching qualification in Leeds.


Rev Tanya Short