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Community Hub Project

Malton Methodist Church – a challenging time!
Malton Methodist Church. Pictured are the Revd. Tanya Short the Minister of Malton Methodist Church with the Revd. Steven Wild, President of the Methodist Conference in Great Britain with Paul Emberley. Picture David Harrison.

Revd. Steven Wild, 2015/16 President of the Methodist Conference in Great Britain with Revd. Tanya Short and Project Team lead Paul Emberley. The scaffolding that supports the failed roof truss can be seen in the background. Picture David Harrison.

Malton Methodist Church occupies a building on Saville Street which links the main road from York to the vibrant market place at the centre of our fast growing town. The church has overcome a number of obstacles over the years and emerged stronger and more resilient from each, but now we face one of the biggest challenges in our history.

In the autumn of 2015 a major structural failure was identified in one of the roof trusses resulting in the Grade II* listed building which is over 200 years old being closed. The congregation has been welcomed by Malton Baptist Church on Wells Lane whilst deciding what to do with the building on Saville Street.

After much debate and a determined effort by everyone, we have submitted ambitious plans – supported by the community at large – to develop the building into both a community hub and a new more flexible place of worship. Our plans, together with a vast amount of supporting information were submitted to the Listed Building Advisory Committee of the Methodist Church in Manchester at the start of July 2016, and it’s expected that they will make an ultimate determination in October as to whether our scheme as proposed, can be recommended to the Methodist Council for approval.

If we are successful in October, this will mark the start of a new chapter in our journey to realise the vision we have for mission and outreach in a rapidly expanding community here in Malton.  We shall then turn our attention to preparing our detailed plans, and to the fund raising that will be necessary for the project to proceed.